The House Republican Bill Will Reportedly Make Citizens Pay More Out-Of-Pocket Expenses


Despite promises made by President Donald Trump to make health care inexpensive, the House Republican bill will reportedly make out-of-pocket expenses — deductibles and copayments — 61 percent higher, The Associated Press reported. The decrease in government financial assistance will cause consumers to pay more upfront, although premium prices would be lower than under the Obama-era law. — The report said The report released earlier this week by the Office of the Actuary, an economic department at the Health and Human Services Department (HHS), was not met with excitement, the report said. “It’s fascinating,” said Avalere Health consulting firm expert Chris Sloan. “They actually think that…

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Report: Turkish President Vows To Squash Warrants Against Security During U.S. Visit

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan isn’t taking the issuance of a dozen arrest warrants for his security team over a brawl last month in Washington DC during his visit with President Donald Trump without a fight, BBC News reported. He said he would politically challenge a dozen arrest warrants issued […]